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Oeno Island Photo Tour

Image of a beach on Oeno Island

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Oeno Island, one of the Pitcairn group of four islands, is a low atoll situated 76 miles northwest of Pitcairn at 23 degrees 56 minutes South, 130 degrees 44 minutes West. Squarish in shape, it is a little over two miles wide.

Image of a beach on Oeno Island

#1 - Holiday Island

Oeno has a colorful history, with a number of ships having wrecked on her reef. First discovered by Captain Henderson of the “Hercules,” Oeno is Pitcairn’s “Holiday Island,” to which the Pitcairners usually sail once a year for a week or more to enjoy a more relaxed way of life.

Image of a longboat in the water just off the beach

#2 - Anchored Longboats

As the Pitcairners enjoy their vacation at Oeno, their longboats are anchored safely inside the reef while the vacationers fish, gather coconuts, shells and thatch for making baskets, or just relax under the island’s many palm trees.

Image of people with camping supplies under a tarp

#3 - Camping Out

During holiday on Oeno the Pitcairners usually set up two camps which contain kitchens, bathrooms and other facilities to accommodate the campers. The camps consist of two tents made with ropes strung between two trees with large tarpaulins thrown over and stretched as far as possible for shelter.

Image of a man pumping water

#4 - Pumping Water

Fresh water for showering, washing clothes and dishes on Oeno is pumped out of a well dug in the sand, and into tanks. The water level is affected by tidal movement.

Image of a man at the top of a palm tree

#5 - Climbing a Coconut Tree

On Oeno during their annual vacation, the Pitcairners gather hundreds of coconuts, which are not plentiful on Pitcairn Island.

Image of a man dragging a large palm tree

#6 - Collecting Palm Fronds

Once the Pitcairners arrive on Oeno Island for holiday, they began preparations for their camp. Collecting palm fronds for shade is but one of the many tasks required.

Image of a boy drinking from a coconut

#7 - Collecting Coconuts

Fresh, cool coconut milk in the midst of a hot day is a delight indeed!

Close-up of a land crab

#8 - Beach Wildlife

Land crabs, some with shells on their backs, are the bane of holiday camping by the Pitcairners on Oeno Island: the creature have very sharp claws!

Close-up of a black and white bird

#9 - Oeno Bird

Oeno is home to a number of birds such as the Murphy's Petrel, Kermadec Petrel, Sooty Tern, Brown Noddy and other species.

Close up image of Thomas Knowles' headstone

#10 - Headstone of Thomas Knowles

Thomas Knowles was buried on Oeno Island by his brother, Captain Josiah Knowles. Knowles's remains were brought onto Oeno Island after Capt. Knowles' clipper Wild Wave crashed onto the reef in 1858. [Read Sea Tale about this wreck.

Image of two longboats on the water

#11 - Pitcainers' Longboats at Anchor off Oeno Island

While the Pitcairners vacation, their longboats wait off shore to begin the voyage home, out through the tricky opening in the reef, and then across miles and miles of open ocean back to the tiny dot that is Pitcairn.

Image taken from the beach of boats out on the water

#12 - Oeno Ocean Vista

Pitcairn longboats and canoes in the Oeno lagoon await use for fishing or other uses by the Pitcairners during their Oeno Island holiday trips.

Imageof an Oeno beach with large palm trees

#13 - Oeno Beach Scene

The peaceful, shaded shoreline of Oeno offers its relaxing beauty to the Pitcairn Islanders during their holidays on the island.

Image of the water as seen from an Oeno beach

#14 - View of Oeno Reef

While distant waves crash and roar outside Oeno Island's reef, Pitcairn islanders on holiday enjoy the warm, calm waters inside as part of their holiday fun.

Image of several coconuts on the sand

#15 - Oeno Island Beach with Coconuts

At Oeno Island, with its fish-filled lagoon and many coconut trees, the Pitcairners stock up with shells, coconuts and fish that will make their life on Pitcairn easier.

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