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Ducie Island

Photograph of Acadia Island, Ducie
Acadia Island, Ducie (from Wikipedia Commons)

Ducie Island is an atoll 290 miles east of Pitcairn, located at 24 degrees 40 minutes South, 124 degrees 47 minutes West. It is uninhabited, and was discovered by Captain Edward Edwards in the Pandora while searching for the mutineers. It is named after Baron Francis Ducie, a captain in the Royal Navy.

Fletcher Christian and his fellow fugitives never knew how close they came to being discovered and returned to England for trial. If Edwards had continued his voyage on the same parallel he would have sighted Pitcairn and, since he made a point of investigating each island he passed, he would most probably have captured them. As it was, he turned northward and missed the island. 

Photograph of the dawn over Ducie
Dawn over Ducie (from Wikipedia Commons)

Ducie is about one and a half miles long, northeast to southwest, and about one mile wide. It is about twelve feet in height and the few trees there grow to about fourteen feet at the most. The lagoon is deep and noted for its poisonous fish and extremely dangerous sharks. The island is seldom visited.

Text from Mutiny and Romance in the South Seas: A Companion to the Bounty Adventure by Sven Wahlroos. Used by permission. See Book Recommendations for more information about this book.

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