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Bounty Crew List

Naval Rating
Lieutenant William Bligh Commander
John Fryer Sailing Master
William Cole Boatswain
William Peckover Gunner
William Purcell  Carpenter 
William Huggan  Surgeon 
Thomas Denman Ledward  Surgeon's Mate 
Fletcher Christian  Master's Mate
William Elphinstone  Master's Mate 
Thomas Hayward  Midshipman 
John Hallett  Midshipman 
George Stewart  Acting Midshipman 
Peter Heywood  Acting Midshipman 

Roger Byam is the fictional character in 

Mutiny on the Bounty by Nordhoff and Hall

identical to real-life Peter Heywood.

Edward Young Acting Midshipman
Peter Linkletter Quartermaster
John Norton Quartermaster
George Simpson Quartermaster's Mate
James Morrison  Boatswain's Mate
John Mills  Gunner's Mate 
Charles Norman  Carpenter's Mate 
Thomas McIntosh  Carpenter's Crew 
Lawrence Lebogue  Sailmaker 
Joseph Coleman  Armorer 
Charles Churchill 


(Ship's Corporal)

John Samuel Clerk and Steward
Thomas Burkett  Able-bodied Seaman
Michael Byrne 

Able-bodied Seaman


Thomas Ellison 

Able-bodied Seaman


Thomas Hall

Able-bodied Seaman

(Ship's Cook)

Henry Hillbrant

Able-bodied Seaman


Robert Lamb

Able-bodied Seaman


Isaac Martin Able-bodied Seaman
William McCoy Able-bodied Seaman

The name appears as Mickoy in the

muster book of the Bounty. However, the

descendants use the spelling McCoy.

John Millward Able-bodied Seaman
William Muspratt

Able-bodied Seaman

(Tailor & Assistant to the


Matthew Quintal Able-bodied Seaman
Richard Skinner

Able-bodied Seaman


John Adams Able-bodied Seaman

His name appears as Alexander Smith

in the muster book although his real name

was John Adams. That is how he is referred

to on Pitcairn today to avoid confusion.

John Smith

Able-bodied Seaman

(Commander's Servant)

John Sumner Able-bodied Seaman
Robert Tinkler

Able-bodied Seaman

(treated as acting


Matthew Thompson Able-bodied Seaman
James Valentine  Able-bodied Seaman
John Williams  Able-bodied Seaman
David Nelson Botanist
William Brown Gardener  
Text from Mutiny and Romance in the South Seas: A Companion to the Bounty Adventure by Sven Wahlroos. Used by permission. See Book Recommendations for more information about this book.

For additional information about HMS Bounty, see John McKay’s The Armed Transport BOUNTY, Naval Institute Press, Annapolis, Maryland 21402, 1989. First published in Great Britain by Conway Maritime Press Limited, 24 Bride Lane, Fleet Street, London EC4Y 8DR. ISBN 0-87021–280-X.

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