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PUC Library Usage Policies, Winter Qtr 2021: Home

The PUC Library is committed to serving the research and learning needs of our campus while also minimizing risk from COVID-19 for PUC students, staff, faculty, and Library personnel.

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Library Hours

Mon - Thu

9am - 10pm

Fri 9am - 1pm


Sun 1pm - 10pm

The Library is open to students, faculty, staff and community. Masks optional inside the building.

These guidelines and processes will necessarily evolve as our knowledge of the virus and infection levels change.  Our personnel will also regularly evaluate the effectiveness of the guidelines to address both safety and service provisions and adjust as necessary.

(Updated: 9/1/2020)

General Building Accessibility

  • Doors will be open from 1-8pm Su, 8am-8pm Mo-Th, 8am-1pm Fr during fall quarter.
  • Only the main floor and lower level restrooms will be available as a public space.

Community Visitors

  • The PUC campus buildings and thus the library continues to be closed to community visitors. Arrangements can be made to borrow materials for delivery at curbside. All returns should be done at the outside book return slot by the front doors.
  • Visiting the Pitcairn Islands Study Center is also not available at this time.

General Sanitation and disinfection Plan

  • Every individual entering the library and wishing to sit down in a Library space will be directed to take a table/seat marker that is numbered and color-coded. The markers correspond to a specific seat, computer station or study table space. When leaving, the individual will return the marker to the circulation desk and a library worker will then disinfect the spot just vacated. Markers will only be returned to the available tray when disinfection has been completed.
  • The overall Library space will be cleaned/sanitized every morning and evening by custodial.
  • Campus provided hand sanitizer will be accessible to the public.

Masks, Social Distancing and LiveSafe

  • As with all other indoor spaces on campus, Library visitors will be required to remain 6 ft. apart and wear a face covering at all times while in the Library building.
  • Prior to visiting the library, the approval screen (green checkmark) from the LiveSafe health survey app is required for that day.
  • Some library furniture and technology has been removed and the remaining arranged in a way to promote social distancing. Please be aware of other individuals in a space before selecting your study space and do not move furniture.
  • If you encounter an individual who is not wearing a mask please remind them that masks are required on campus and that they may acquire one at the circulation desk.
  • When necessary, signs and red tape have been placed on furniture to indicate where to and where not to sit.
  • Where appropriate, markers have been placed on the floor to ensure social distancing while in line.
  • One side of the main entrance has been designated for entrance and the other side for exit to encourage distancing.

Food and Water

  • Due to mask requirements and safety concerns while indoors,  eating in the library is no longer allowed. This is a change from previous policy due to current Covid-19 restrictions.
  • Water fountains are currently covered to prevent usage. Please bring your own individual water bottles.

Study Tables, Study Rooms, Study Carrels and Stacks

  • Study groups will not be permitted in the Library at tables or within study rooms. Each study space is limited to a single user.
  • Reservations of the study rooms are unavailable at this time.
  • The upper and lower level stacks and study areas are closed to public use and are accessible to employees only.
  • The lower level restrooms are available for public use and will be disinfected twice a day.
  • Study carrels on the upper level and lower level are unavailable for use at this time.
  • Materials needed from within the stacks will be retrieved by library personnel upon request.

Computer Lab

  • Seating at the computer stations has been limited to socially distanced spaces of 6 ft. apart leaving 15 stations for public use.
  • Each station seating area, keyboard, mouse and monitor will be disinfected after each use.
  • Reserving the computer lab as a whole is only available to faculty or librarians and will be limited to 15 students per class visit.


Quarantine of physical library materials

  • Books, journals, videos and laptops are allowed to be borrowed and checked out at the Circulation Desk.
  • While print materials are considered a low risk for transmission of COVID-19 due to their porous nature, other items like plastic boxes containing DVDs or laptops may pose a greater risk.
  • All print materials returned via the Circulation Desk or book drops will be quarantined for 48 hours to mitigate risk before being made available for circulation.
  • Plastic DVD containers and laptops will be disinfected immediately upon return.
  • Materials left out on tables throughout the building will be collected daily and similarly quarantined.
  • Course reserves: Instructors are encouraged to consider digital resource alternatives to physical Course Reserves. If an instructor decides to maintain a physical Course Reserve the items will be marked with information for the user indicating that mask and gloves should be worn while using the resource and that these items have not been quarantined (e.g. 2hr or 4hr reserve items).

Service desks

  • Shields have been installed at public service points.
  • Where appropriate "Stand Here" markers have been placed on the floor to ensure physical distancing for lines.
  • Student/Faculty/Staff ID cards will not be handled by library workers at the circulation desk but will be typed into the system manually when checking out materials.
  • Individuals approaching a service desk without a mask will be asked to exit and return with a mask. Library personnel will not provide service if an individual is not wearing a mask.