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Pitcairn Islands Study Center

Norfolk Island Photo Tour

Photograph of old buildings, taken from above on a hillPhotograph of a Norfolk hillsidePhotograph of crumbling ruinsPhotograph of a large anchor in front of an old castle-like buildingPhotograph of two small stone buildings next to a tower nearly three times their height

Photograph of a large stone bridge in between green hillsPhotograph of a cemetery with an ocean viewPhotograph of rocky oceanside cliffsPhotograph of Norfolk's cliffsides and large rocks in the waterPhotograph of an ocean view, framed by two trees and some grass

Photograph of a distant island, taken from a beach on NorfolkPhotograph of lush green hillsidesCattle roam a grassy fieldEagle's eye view of the whaling station right next to the water as well as its surrounding green hillsidePhotograph of a stone monument to England's Claim of Norfolk

Close-up of the plaque on the monumentPhotograph of people crowded at the concrete landing by the waterPhotograph of people watching ships come to NorfolkPhotograph of the jetty at Cascade, taken from aboveScenic view of Norfolk

Photograph of several palm trees, with a view of Norfolk behind themA sign on a tin building that reads "Bounty Folk Museum," behind a large canoePhotograph of a stone wall with an engraved sign that reads "Fletcher Christian"Photograph of a simple yellowish-white buildingClose up of a plaque that reads "The Church of England of Norfolk Island Pitcairners Memorial Hall" in gothic text

Photograph of the chapel taken from ground levelPhotograph of the pretty interior of Barnabas ChapelPhotograph of a stain glass window, seemingly glowing in contrast to the darkness of the rest of the photoPhotograph of the SDA church of NorfolkPhotograph of a green parrot sitting on a branch, with a stamp of a green parrot in similar composition to its left

Photo of a black cannon inside a museum, next to a stone wall and some paintingsPhoto of a black kettle inside a glass display casePhotograph of four people on horses in front of tall pine trees and a long boat