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News - December 23, 2015

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                        PITCAIRN ISLAND, SOUTH PACIFIC OCEAN, December 23, 2015—Where in the world, in what country, will there be only one child among an entire country's population celebrating this Christmas day?

                        The answer is Pitcairn Island, the tiny South Pacific isle made famous by the famed "Mutiny on the Bounty" incident, where seven-year old Cushana Warren-Peu will wake up on Christmas morning as the only person on the island under the age of 28.

                        Although nothing special has been planned for Cushana's Christmas day, her opening of her Christmas presents will be the focus of much attention at the early Christmas morning entire-island Christmas festivities, said one Pitcairner.

                        Today (Tuesday, December 23), Cushana is going around with Pitcairn's Customs Officer Brenda Christian, inviting all on the island to a big Christmas barbeque on Christmas day at the Square.

                        Tomorrow evening (December 24) after she is asleep, all Pitcairn adults will go to Cushana's home to put sweets and presents for her in a big basket hung out on the home's veranda. This is a Christmas eve tradition on Pitcairn started more than 100 years ago.

                        On Christmas morning, trees are erected at the Square in Adamstown, and presents of all islanders are hung on the branches. Later people gather there for the 'harvesting' of the presents, some of the adults going around cutting off the presents and calling out the names of those who should receive them. Following the gift-giving, the entire island joins together in a festive public dinner.

                        The daughter of Charlene and Vaine Warren-Peu, Cushana is one of some 60 persons now inhabiting Pitcairn Island, most of whom are descendants of sailors on the British ship Bounty who in 1789 mutinied against their captain William Bligh, touching off one of the most-noted incidents of British naval history.

                        Just a month ago there were eight children on Pitcairn Island, Cushana, her two older siblings, and the five children of Nadine Christian. All departed Pitcairn on the island's supply ship Claymore II recently. Cushana's siblings left to attend school in New Zealand, while illness of two of Nadine Christian's children dictated a trip to New Zealand for medical care. It was decided that all five of her children should travel together.