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News - December 18, 2009

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                        PITCAIRN ISLAND, SOUTH PACIFIC OCEAN, December 18, 2009—Pitcairn Islanders have cast votes in an annual election for the deputy mayor and four members of the Island Council who will run day-to-day affairs of the tiny South Pacific isle for 2010.

                        Some 45 registered voters on the island have elected Simon Young as deputy mayor, replacing Jay Warren who has held the office in 2009.

                        Elected to the Pitcairn Island Council as councilors were Brenda Christian, Dave Brown, Lea Brown and Jay Warren. While Brenda Christian and Dave Brown were reelected as councilors, Lea Brown and Jay Warren replaced Jacqui Christian and Turi Griffiths who have been councilors in 2009.

                        Pitcairn islander Michael Warren's position as mayor and head of the Island Council for 2010 was not subject to election this year.