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News - September 28, 2000

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                        ANGWIN (Napa County) Calif., September 28, 2000—A Listing of cruise ships scheduled to visit the Pitcairn Islands through the remainder of 2000 and in 2001 has been released to the Pitcairn Islands Study Center on the campus of Pacific Union College from the Pitcairn Islands Administration office in Auckland, New Zealand.

The dates of their Pitcairn calls, the ship's name, number of passengers, the last port of call before calling at Pitcairn, and the next port of call after leaving Pitcairn, where known, includes:

                        Year 2000

                        November 2     -   MS Hanseatic, 188 passengers, Mangareva, Easter Island

This ship is scheduled to visit Pitcairn on November 2, Henderson Island, November 3, and Ducie Island, November 4

                        Year 2001

                        January  -   Sailing barque Picton Castle

This vessel is scheduled to leave Noca Scotia on November 4, and should arrive at Pitcairn in mid-January.

                        February 1  -   MV Europa, 408 passengers

                        February 11  -   Saga Rose, 580 passengers

                        February 18  -   Maxim Gorki, Easter Island, Moorea

                       November 1  -   MV Bremen, 164 passengers 

This ship is scheduled to visit Pitcairn on November 1, Henderson, November 2, and Ducie Island on November 3