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A Guide to Pitcairn Island

Image of the front cover of the book "A Guide to Pitcairn Island"If you want accuracy and complete information about life on Pitcairn Island and the events that brought the mutineers of HMS Bounty to the island, you'll want to own A Guide to Pitcairn (2000 edition), the informative 70-page book published by the Government of the Islands of Pitcairn, Henderson, Ducie and Oeno. It is the only official British publication about Pitcairn, the smallest protectorate of the British Empire. 

The Guide contains sections on Pitcairn's history, characteristics of the island, how Pitcairners earn a living, community life and leisure, education, health, communications, administration and the law. A section is devoted to the other islands of the Pitcairn group, and a selection from the writings of Pitcairner Roy Palmer Clark. Appendices on population statistics, Pitcairn's finances, Pitcairn office-holders from 1972 to 1990, and a Pitcairn Island reading list are also included. 

The Guide's cover is stunning, with a full-color view of the Landing at Bounty Bay, 700-foot tall Ship's Landing Point rising in the background. The back of the book features a full color view of the entire island taken from the ocean.

In harmony with its mission to provide accurate information relating to Pitcairn specifically, and The Bounty Saga in general, the Pitcairn Islands Study Center is making available the Guide for U.S. $20.00, plus $3.00 for packing and postage. Please check with for book and postal cost outside the U.S.

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