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Resources for HIST 330: Medieval to Renaissance Europe

This guide serves as a starting point for primary and secondary source research into medieval to renaissance European history.

London - Cromwell Gardens - Victoria & Albert Museum 1909 Aston Webb - Europe Rooms- Medieval & Renaissance 1350-1600 - Virgin and Child 1480 from AustriaWelcome!

This guide is for any student in HIST 330 who is working on their research paper.

How to Use this Guide

Visit the sources shared here as a solid starting place for your research. Every link I've given you will lead to credible sources that are appropriate for your project. These links also lead to full-text material that is fully accessible online, or can be requested in full by contacting your librarian to complete the process. This guide only presents a fraction of what is potentially available to you. You can email me anytime for help. I am available for one-on-one Teams meetings as well, where we can search for sources together. 

Good luck, and have fun researching!

Note: All images used in this guide are under a Creative Commons license. Always remember to check the copyright status of images you use for school or work.